Transformations And Matrices

Now it's time to take a short break from learning how to create 3D Objects in the world and focus on learning hot to move the objects around in the world. This is vital to generating realistic 3D worlds! Withou this the 3D scenes you create would be static and non-interactive.

OpenGL makes it easy for the programmer to move objects around trough the use of various coordinate transformations, discussed in this chapter. You will also take a look at how to use your own matrices with OpenGL, which provides you with the power to manipulate objects in many different ways.

In this chapter you will learn about

  • The basics of coordinate transformations
  • The camera and viewing transformations
  • OpenGL matrices and matrix stacks
  • Projections
  • Using your own matrices with OpenGL

If you need a refresher on the matrix math implementation details, this video appears to be useful.

I tired to follow the book, but it was AWFUL, it confused even me. So this chapter is a take from another book, "OpenGL Distilled" along with articles videos and my insights.

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